The new YOLITA II is a beautiful and relaxing motor yacht that offers a charming atmosphere in its 8 comfortable and spacious air conditioned cabins, all with low beds, private bathroom and hot / cold water.


It is the most popular train tour in Ecuador. What do you think of being relaxed by train, from Guayaquil above sea level 5m, to the 2,300m Andes? At every station, you can touch many of Ecuador’s cultures.


he population of Guayaquil is more than 3 million, it is the largest commercial city. The highest temperature during the day is over 30 degrees each day, it is full of endless summer vivacity in the city.Iguana Park, Malecon, Hideyo Noguchi Street, Peñas Hill, Archaeological Museum, Historical Park, Zoo Pantanal, Santai Island, etc.,


Quito is a historic city with an altitude of 2,850 m, has been registered in 1978 as a cultural heritage of humanity number 1 of UNESCO. There are such as the Presidential Palace, Independence Square, Company Church, San Francisco church, etc.,

Whale Watching

Ecuador is rich not only in animal and plant life, but its seas are some of the most prolific and productive in the world. Thanks to the Humboldt current, which draws nutrients from the ocean floor through a process called upwelling, the water is filled with plankton, resulting in a vibrant food chain filled with the largest creatures in the ocean.

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