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The Yasuní Nation Park is considered by the UNESCO as an important Biosphere Reserve and one of the most pristine rainforest with the greatest biodiversity in the planet. As an example, in just 1 hectare of this jungle we can find more endemic trees than in all North America and more than 100,000 different species of insects. In Yasuní, scientists has catelogued about 600 birds making this natural paradise one of the most biologically diverse places in the whole world.

The uniqueness of the Ecuadorian Amazon Jungle is based on the higher biodiversity densitiy within the Amazon Rainforest. Its closeness to the Andes Mountains and the equator creates relatively uniform temperature and humidity which becomes the best climate conditions for mammals, birds, plants, insects and amphibians. Within the two indigenous groups that live in this area, the Waoranis are considered as one of the last groups that live isolated from the western culture. These people’s social and spiritual organization are amazing models of adaptation to the jungle environment.

The Napo Wildlife Center is a facility created and managed by local indigenous which offers high-standard services that adjusts to everyone’s needs and well as this tour’s flexible design.  Our experience on coordinating documentary filming groups and our solid relationships with the local people enables us to arrange special expeditions that can meet your desires (like observing the famous amazon river pink dolphins and manatees).


DAY 1 Welcome to the jungle!

From the capital city to the Amazon Jungle!
We will fly above the Andes Mountains from Quito to Coca, the entrance town to the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest.
From Coca, we’ll take a canoe down Napo River to the Napo Wildlife Center for about 2 hours along with beautiful birds like herons and kingfishers. Once there, we’ll embark a wood-carved canoe (with no engine) for an exciting ride down to the lodge. During this ride we will pass through narrow creeks that connects several lakes and we’ll be surrounded by dense vegetation, monkeys, toucans, parrots and even macaws!
With the overwhelming view of the Añangu Lake, we’ll reach the Napo Wildlife Center Lodges where we’ll have dinner and optionally take a quick expedition in search for the majestic caimanes (amazon alligators) in their natural habitat.

DAY 2 Thousands of birds licking clay!

Macaws, parrots and the mighty Kichwa Community
Today we’ll observe an amazing behaivior of birds. After a quick paddle, we’ll reach to a place where hundreds of a total of 11 different species of parrots, parakeets and macaws gather together massively to lick clay!? Apparently, they do this to counter-balance the toxins found in seeds these birds eat.
After watching this unique and colorful scene, we’ll hike through jungle trails towards the Añangu Kichwa Communty where we will learn about this local indigenous group and their environment while sharing different types of activities.
We will then hike again through Terra Firme Forest for about 30 minutes to a observatory deck where more of these amazing birds can be watched in their natural habitat.

DAY 3 A footstep aside of unbelievable animals!

On top of the jungle!
A 36 meters high canopy tower above Napo will be today’s starter. Flocks of colorful tanagers, blue and yellow Macaws and spider monkeys will be awaiting us in this privileged place. Even birds that are impossible to watch from groud level like the colorful toucans will show up right next to us.
After taking lunch served at the lodge, we’ll visit Terra Firme Trail, hike along primary forest to discover what’s inside. Lizards, colorful manakins or the unique and endemic Golden mantle tamarin monkeys will join us. After the hike, we will explore the lake and creeks on a wood-carved canoe with great possibilities of running into a giant otter family on the way…

DAY 4 Goodbye Amazon Jungle!

Farewell to the unique wildlife
We will head back to Coca on a nice canoeing adventure through Napo river. Giant otters, monk saki monkeys and beautiful birds will join us in our goodbye to this amazing paradise.

This tour includes

All meals at the lodge
Entrance fee to the Añangu Kichwa Community
A English-speaking guide

This tour does not includes
Quito – Coca flight
Tips for bed making: US$ 5 – 8 per day
Tips for the local guide: US$ 8 – 10 per day
Soft drinks and alcohol

Choose the duration and the budget. We can join several circuits of your choice.

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