The old town of Cuenca has been registered in the World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO in 1999. It has also become the number one popular city as a place for Americans to retire. It is at an altitude of 2,550m, the climate is comfort, it is the third big city in Ecuador.The old colonial street is designated Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, it is famous, as well as a cultural city, because there are several museums, art museums. It is different between the old town of Quito, there are no tall buildings, easy to overlook all the streets of the Spanish colonial era. It is a wonderful historic city, which make you have illusion of time slip into the colonial era.


Also nearby is a ruins called Ingapirka (it means the Inca wall), a place can imagine the conflict of the Inca Empire and the low nation. There is no such thing as Cusco, it also has different flavor. As for the food, you can try an Andes cuy (guinea pig) in good regional cuisine. How do you feel about all these interesting tours?

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