Quito is a historic city with an altitude of 2,850 m, has been registered in 1978 as a cultural heritage of humanity number 1 of UNESCO. There are such as the Presidential Palace, Independence Square, Company Church, San Francisco church, etc., the old town was built about 500 years ago by the Spanish, at this time, still used and lived by the people. Another hand, New Town has become a modern city with high-rise buildings. The old town and the new city are clearly divided. The people who live in Quito, when transported between the old city and the new city, like riding in the time machine, hundreds of years ago and modern now, but without any hassle.There is an equatorial line located about 22 km north of Quito. Once it was measured by the France team, but is slightly deviated from the equator which is measured by the modern team. However, a big sign was built near the place where the French team scored. The actual equator is located near Inti Nyan Equator Museum. Because on the equator, it shows us interesting things like the spiral water drop experiment, the vertical egg experiment, etc.Please do not hesitate to contact us for more tourist information!

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